Sustainable business is not only an important component for the value of our brand but is also one of the goal of our company both today and in the future. Thanks to its three recycling footprint and life cycle, the Madeira Evio System ensure resource-saving textile production and added value in purchasing production, Sales, logistics and marketing

  • Footprint

    The permanent reduction of the materials used (water, electricity, auxiliaries, chemicals, etc.) is checked in strict energy audits. Wherever possible, Madeira uses raw materials from sustainable production, which are processed into finished products in a resource-saving way.

  • Recycling

    Water and heat energy in our production are reprocessed. For example, we use energy recovery for climate-neutral thread drying. Dye tubes and other plastics are also returned back into the recycling cycle.

  • Life cycle

    The longer the life of a product, the more efficient the production process becomes and the product is less frequently replaced. Therefore our claim is to always produce robust and particularly durable quality products.